Be a Part of this Historic Year! The 10th Annual Walk for EB!!!

The 2017 Walk for EB will be taking place on Saturday, May 13 at Miami Whitewater Forest (Main Shelter area). In its 9-year history, the Walk for EB has helped to spread great awareness about this relatively unknown, debilitating skin disease. Awareness is so very important…We believe awareness about EB will change lives…awareness extends the path of people who can support efforts to help EB families and fund research needed for a cure.

In addition, the Walk for EB has raised a total of $190,000 to help financially support organizations committed to research and the care of EB patients and their families. Be a part of this historic year as we look to cross the $200,000 mark for financial support!!!

Donations: There is NO COST to participate, but donations will be accepted to benefit the EB Hope Foundation. To make a donation in advance of the walk, make checks payable to the EB Hope Foundation, and mail to:

Walk for EB
P.O. Box 810
Miamitown, Ohio 45041

Online donations are also welcome!


2017 Walk for EB!

Saturday, May 13
9:00 a.m. – Registration & Activities
10:00 a.m. – Walk

Miami Whitewater Forest

Our Inspirations!

Carson and Kolbe Kissell, the sons of Kristy & David, were born with a rare genetic skin disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). Inspired by these little boys so full of life, family and friends started the Walk for EB in 2008 with the hopes of making a positive impact on awareness, efforts to find a cure, and support for EB families.

We hope you will invite your family and friends, and be a part of this year’s Walk for EB on May 13!

Become a Business Partner!

As a Business Partner on the Path to a Cure, your business will be featured to the hundreds that attend the Walk for EB every year. But more importantly, as a partner, your participation will have a positive impact on the efforts to find a cure for one of the most debilitating diseases the world has ever known. You will be making a meaningful difference towards the people with EB, especially children, who rarely have a pain-free moment in life.

No banner or yard sign or mention at the walk can ever come close to express the value of this support. As a Business Partner on the Path to a Cure, you mean the world to us…we sincerely thank you!

Learn more about being Business Partner at the Walk for EB


The 2016 Walk for EB was a huge success!

The 2016 Walk for EB was a huge success and another record year for donations with a total of $30,000 raised.  With the proceeds from the 2016 Walk for EB, the EB Hope Foundation made donations to the following EB organizations:

• Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation (EBMRF)
• Cincinnati Children’s Hospital EB Center (EBMRF)
• Debra (Dystrophic EB Research Association of America)
• EB Research Partnership

History of the Walk for EB

In its nine year history, the Walk for EB has raised over $190,000 to benefit EB organizations. On average, the walk draws around 400 to 500 people each year.

May 2016 — $30,000 raised.

May 2015 — $27,000 raised.

May 2014 — $19,500 raised.

May 2013 — $19,000 raised.

May 2012 — $23,000 raised.

May 2011 — $18,000 raised.

May 2010 — $15,000 raised.

May 2009 — $22,000 raised.

May 2008 —The first ever Walk for EB was held with a total of $21,000 raised.

Highlights from past years…